FUNDAY is a foreign language program which transforms English learning into a true adventure.

With FUNDAY every child is having fun while advances the language and acquires new knowledge about the world.

Every Saturday is different and dynamic. Placed entirely in a foreign language environment, the children’s progress in English, develop their talents and skills in art workshops and actively sport.

FUNDAY is the best place to speak English because FUNDAY knows how to make learning a foreign language entertaining and pleasant.

With FUNDAY Saturdays become the most anticipated day for the whole family.


All teachers in the FUNDAY program are extremely experienced in working with children.

A lot of FUNDAY’s teachers are native speakers, which helps children to start thinking in English and use it in their daily communication.

Our teachers use multimedia and state-of-the-art interactive teaching methods that aim to develop the ability of children to speak English fluently. Through dynamic games, fun exercises, project work and experiential learning, children learn new skills and become accustomed to using English with ease!


Children are divided into groups according to their age and language competence. This is a prerequisite for successful and fun classes, as it predisposes children and allows them to grasp the taught material confidently and develop their knowledge fully.


Every Saturday the classes run under a Topic of the week

FUNDAY provides for the children 5 hours in an English-speaking environment during which they acquire encyclopedic knowledge related with the Weekly topic and enrich their English vocabulary on topics close to their world and interests.

The program is held every Saturday during the school year from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM and is suitable for children from 4 to 12 years.

Funday програма


Season 2019/2020 is dedicated to the topic “HOW TO PROTECT THE PLANET“.
We will learn how to live and eat healthily, how to preserve natural resources and recycle which are the most incredible natural phenomena and many more interesting topics that you will see below.

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