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Movie making:cinematography and editing

Have you ever wondered how a movie is shot and how different characters are being created with so many differences between them and the only things they could have in common are actually the glasses they wear? It is a curious thing for us to learn what is like to be a director, an actor or operator. We’d love to wear the skin of one of these and make our own movie. And guess what, it is possible! And it wouldn’t take us a lifetime but only a school year. With the help of two directors who are going to walk the children through this magical ride and a bunch of other professionals who will be part of the crew, the children are going to make their own movie. And here comes another surprise! The children are going to feel like real stars because of the movie premier in a real cinema! All this gained experience is another instrument to show the children the world in a different shape. It sounds interesting and exciting, doesn’t it?

Find your own way to the stars!

The lead of this workshop is going to be taken by two real directors – Staphanie Raycheva and Nadezhda Koseva.

Stephanie Raycheva got a Psychology degree from Nottingham’s University in 2014. Then her heart leads her back to where she belongs – her home, Bulgaria. She had decided that she needed to follow her dream since her childhood. The dream was called CINEMA. That led her to New Bulgarian University where she got her Directing and Dramaturgy diploma in 2018. So far her job as a director became the reason of 4 short amazing movies which brought her 3 awards and have more than 60 nominations in International movie festivals.

After her graduation from NATFIZ in 2005, Nadezhda Koseva was the director of a successful short movie called ‘The Ritual’, which is actually a part of the omnibus ‘Generation: Lost and Found’. Her next movie has an interesting name – ‘Omelette’. ‘Omelette’ won the Special Diploma of Sundance Festival in 2009. ‘Irina’ – this is the name of Nadezhda’s first full-length movie that is also a successful and amazing movie which has brought her many awards from many International festivals.

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