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Jazz Ballet

The dance is more than just a few moves put up together. It is more than vision. The dance is made of different components that lead the dancers to new word perceptions. When people dance, they present different dimensions of the things that are already well known. The dance is an instrument for developing and enriching human perceptions. Come with us! We are going to tell you about dancing in a way that is going to touch your senses in a completely new way. At the end of our workshop we are going to bring happiness on the stage – we will have a special performance and we will show you our skills gained through the school year.

Rush off your own way to the stars!

Mariana Krancheva is a choreographer, a ballerina and a dance teacher. She has a rich biography and an interesting fact about her is that she was a leading dancer in Sofia National Ballet and Arabesque ballet ensemble. As a choreographer she has staged performances at the National Opera House, Arabesque ballet company, Rousse Opera. Mariana has won many national and international dance and choreography competitions.

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