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Graphic design & Animation

Can we imagine this? The correct answer is: YES! Graphic design can be seen everywhere around us – we can start from all the different magazines and wraps and go through the design of the Olympic sign; we can also find it in software interfaces and in the websites design; you can see it in your favourite sport shoes logo or on the cover of your favourite book. And it is not in it, it is IT – every single detail that is part of the look. What are your children going to do? They are going to learn how to create their own animated videos with text, effects and pictures in them. We are going to motivate your children to develop their knowledge and increase their interest to the creative and practical side of technologies. In this modern online world of adventures and challenges, it is hard to find a field that is not connected with animations. We are going to pay attention to 2D animations. That gives us the freedom to use the same techniques as those used by the animators from Disney, Cartoon Network and Pixar. The children are going to find by themselves the process that is tightly connected to creating animated characters and also the main movement making principles. We are going to use a certain plot, script and storyboard. At the end of this amazing adventure, the kids are going to create their own short animated videos.

Create your own design of your own way to the stars!

Mariana Krasteva is National Art Academy’s alumnus. She also has a master’s degree in graphics and rich experience as a 2D animator, concept and graphic designer of film productions, computer games and advertisements. She has experience also as an Art manager in different international companies. Nowadays she continues her self evolution as an author and illustrator of books for children and Mariana is even a founder of the publishing house for children’s literature called ‘This is how everything started…’

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