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Acting class:Drama and fantasy

We are going to dive into the depths of another space, space of stars. We are talking about the world of actors enlightened by spotlights. The children are going to develop skills as creativity, improvisation, communication and will become more confident about themselves and their abilities by varied games and sketches. They are going to acknowledge their own emotions as well as those of the people surrounding them. The children are having the opportunity to edge their senses and learn how to be team players. They are going to be able to learn small parts of text formed as short tales or plays so they can try another person’s shoes – this is going to develop qualities such as empathy and may become the reason for unlocking hidden talents.

Find your talent, vocation and follow your way to the stars!

Vladimir Stefanov is a primary school teacher, acting skills teacher, an actor and a coach. His life path leads him to international trainings, workshops for self-knowledge, self – development and organization skills in more than 20 countries. His last stop, before coming home, was Uganda. He spent a year as a volunteer. His work consisted of giving acting classes to children at the age of 10-15 years old. He was also a part of the biggest theatre in East Africa and even had himself acting in few movies plus a prestigious local show. Vladimir has accepted as his own mission, the most important task – to help children develop themselves and find their own way and talents in this world. He does that by giving acting classes because he truly believes that this is helpful so that the children are able to have fun and find themselves in the same time.

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