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FUNDAY ART ACADEMY uses the influence of art as a universal key in young creator’s progress. This key is going to open the doors to their future realisation as creative and inspired people – ambassadors of the new age!

FUNDAY ART ACADEMY is a territory for sharing and discoveries. It is a place where opportunities for developing artistic skills and acknowledging the world of art are provided. This is a helpful world for developing skills as sharing and imagination. That leads to higher peaks in the world of art – creating and releasing own interesting projects.

The art ateliers’ main purpose is to develop children’s imagination, talents and interests in different fields of art for only 30 Saturdays during the school year.


With the help of FUNDAY ART ACADEMY the children are going to be privileged to be touched by master creators in the suitable environment for that. Our invitation for collaboration in this magical ride was accepted by some of the brightest, famous, talented and established people in the artistic world.

Your children are going to develop their skills and potential every Saturday for 4 scholastic hours in the field chosen by them. They will experience amazing ‘road trips’ through the world of art by having fun and being creative. They will have to think about their choices and will find the never ending flows of inspiration and articism.


The programme starts on the 5th of October and it includes 30 Saturdays with duration of 4 hours each – start: 10:30 AM finish: 14:30 PM. The programme is a process of refining skills and sharing ideas. Our teachers have prepared a variety of tasks which are going to develop different skills, will build self-confidence and self-belief in the ‘new-born’ artists. The programme is actually a completed project comprised of different activities including upgrading elements. Every single workshop is going to have a general project which is going to be presented to everyone at the end of the school year as a result of the hard work that is absolutely worth it.

The main purpose of the programme is to help children find their place under the sun and build up their personalities in a way that they feel comfortable with and proud of. The kids are going to build their self-confidence by enriching their vocabulary. All of this is possible because of this incredibly efficient programme!

A huge advantage is also the fact that our teachers are native speakers which leads to speaking English NON STOP! The final product will be in Shakspeare’s language!

Актьорско майсторство: драма и фентъзи

Acting class: Drama and fantasy

We are going to dive into the depths of another space, space of stars. We are talking about the world of actors enlightened by spotlights. The children are going to develop skills as creativity, improvisation, communication and will become more confident about themselves and their abilities by varied games and sketches.

Музикална творческа работилница

Creative music workshop

There is an unusual and mysterious life waiting for us from both parts of the stage – behind and in front of the curtains. The children are going to have the unique chance to create ‘life’ on the stage by improvising and developing their rhythm senses.

Операторско майсторство и монтаж

Movie making:
cinematography and editing

Have you ever wondered how a movie is shot and how different characters are being created with so many differences between them and the only things they could have in common are actually the glasses they wear? It is a curious thing for us to learn what is like to be a director, an actor or operator. We’d love to wear the skin of one of these and make our own movie. And guess what, it is possible!

Графичен дизайн и Анимация

Graphic design & Animation

Can we imagine this? The correct answer is: YES! Graphic design can be seen everywhere around us – we can start from all the different magazines and wraps and go through the design of the Olympic sign; we can also find it in software interfaces and in the websites design; you can see it in your favourite sport shoes logo or on the cover of your favourite book.

Съвременен танц

Contemporary dance class

Contemporary dancing leads to the world of music and movement, where children will have fun and learn at the same time, gaining new skills, knowledge and physical training that are necessary to be brilliant on the big stage. Dance is an art and art is culture.

Джаз балет

Jazz Ballet

The dance is more than just a few moves put up together. It is more than vision. The dance is made of different components that lead the dancers to new word perceptions. When people dance, they present different dimensions of the things that are already well known. The dance is an instrument for developing and enriching human perceptions. Come with us!

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