About us

With its unique methodology and work organization FUNDAY became the best place to speak English.

For its 6 year history FUNDAY enforced the following slogans:

“With FUNDAY Saturdays become the most anticipated day for the whole family”.

“FUNDAY SUMMER ADVENTURE transforms the summer break into a meaningful and unforgettable adventure”.

FUNDAY FUNDAY and FUNDAY SUMMER ADVENTURE FUNDAY SUMMER ADVENTURE provide everything that children need. They progress in English while having fun, learn a variety of applied art techniques, play active sports and make new friends.

In season 2019/20 FUNDAY starts our new artistic program FUNDAY ART ACADEMY, which is for children from 10 to 15 years old and offers them a unique opportunity to develop their artistic talents and interests in 6 different art workshops. The classes will be held entirely in English. We have attracted some of the brightest professionals in the artistic community to work with children.

Interactive methodology

With the FUNDAY programs, children’s progress in English without teaching systems, notebooks and homework. Teachers apply interactive teaching methods that are based on learning through experience, project work, dynamic games and fun exercises that immerse children in the world of science and adventure.


British and American Teachers

Highly qualified native speakers who motivate and predispose FUNDAY children to relax and communicate freely in English. Our Native speaker teachers make learning English easy, enjoyable and fun.

Art workshops

In these classes, children develop their creativity and dexterity in art classes, dances, drama and music workshops.

Each Saturday the kids make
FUN-tastic projects, practicing a variety of applied art techniques, such as quilling, origami, decoupage, floristry, glass painting, pottery, etc. that stimulate children’s creative thinking.

Sports and fun

The children have fun and actively play sports. Depending on the season, they have training in dynamic and non-traditional sports, such as: climbing, Kung Fu, Kango Jumps, fencing, baseball, orienteering, swimming, horseback riding, tennis, hiking and picnicking, FunPark and many more.

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